At DogStays we help dog parents find the right dog sitter for their dogs.

If you are a dog parent and need someone to care for your dog, we will connect you with a dog sitter specially suited to your dog's needs. Your dog will enjoy personalized care and attention at home, instead of at a dog boarding or dog hotel, and you can be stress-free.

If you want to spend time with dogs by caring for them, even if you already have your own dog, you can also apply to join the DogStays Sitter Network.

So, choose an option below and let's connect!



And ensure love and care for your dog while you are away

1. Send us a booking request
(here is the link)
2. We will connect you with a suitable dog sitter available on your dates
3. You and your dog will meet the sitter 
4. You confirm the booking and block the sitter's calendar

Start by filling up the Booking Request Form here so we have all the information we need to start looking for a suitable dog sitter for your dog. 

If this is the first time you are using the DogStays service, you could read the FAQs here so you have a better understanding of the process :-)



"Pancho had a great time at his dog sitter's place.

She and her family were incredibly nice to him and treated him as one of their own dogs. They kept us updated about Pancho and sent us photos and videos of him daily.


I strongly recommend DogStays to anyone looking for a family to take care of their dog while they are away from Luxembourg!"

- Almudena Simon, Luxembourg City



                                                             Bonjour! Moien! Hello!

Hi! I'm Supriya and I live just outside Luxembourg city, in the beautiful green area of Hesperange. I'm an entrepreneur, marketer and also enjoy writing blogs and other content for brands and businesses. I love all animals and have had dogs, horses, rabbits and even squirrels as pets. Dogs however have an extra special place in my heart and they're my favorite 'people'! 

I started DogStays in 2018 so I can help dog parents find just the right dog sitter. I think all dogs need love , one-on-one attention and a safe home. That's what I want to do through DogStays. It is not a dog boarding or dog hotel, it's about finding dogs a place like home while their parents are away. I have two beautiful dogs back home in India (a Golden Retriever and a Weimaraner) who can't be here with me in Luxembourg. I miss them so I also spend time with dogs by being part of the DogStays Sitter Network. This helps me understand things from both perspectives - as a dog parent and a dog sitter. I speak English and a little French. I don't speak German or Luxembourgish, but I definitely speak 'DOG' :-)

At DogStays we have a network of dog sitters who feel immense love for dogs and enjoy spending time with them. We care about the health and safety of your dog more than anything else and I sincerely hope you will feel this love when you book with DogStays.

In the pictures with me are 'Gismo' (top picture) - he is from the Gasperich dog shelter in Luxembourg and stole my heart over just one walk :-), 'Mishka' (middle picture) who is my most regular dog friend here in Luxembourg and finally, my own dogs Breezer and Maya (bottom picture)



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The DogStays head office is in a beautiful corner of Itzig in Hesperange, where we are surrounded by forests, running paths and green fields as far as the eye can see.

We love it because it's just 10 minutes from Bonnevoie and is such an ideal area for dogs that we make new dog friends everyday! :-)



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