Book A Dog Sitter With DogStays

Hello! We are delighted to have you here and will be happy to help you find the right dog sitter for your dog. We believe a family/home environment is often safer, more relaxing and better able to meet your dog's specific needs while you are away. At DogStays we do our best to find your dog this suitable and loving home away from home. Whenever you book a dog sitter through us we want your dog to have:

Undivided attention.png

Undivided Attention

home environment.png

A Home Environment

Personalized Care

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An Experienced Dog Sitter

As part of our process, we will arrange a meeting for you and your dog to meet the dog sitter so you can all get to know each other a little. If everything goes well at the meeting we will help you to confirm your booking and block the dog sitter's calendar. Through The DogStays Information Form, which is also part of our process, you can tell the dog sitter exactly how your dog should be cared for, what to avoid and even which words your dog understands :-) This will make sure the dog sitter gets a complete picture and your dog’s care can be personalized according to your preferences and what your dog is accustomed to at home. To send us a booking request please use one of the 2 options below.

Send Us a booking request

Before you send us a booking request please make a note of a these important points:

  1. Please make sure you do not miss the questions marked with * - we cannot process your booking request if this information incomplete.

  2. Please double check your dog's date of birth in the form before submitting it. It is the most common error we see and it can make a big difference to how we process your booking request :-)

  3. When you confirm the booking we will ask you for details about your dog's daily schedule & medical history so you don't need to include that information here. 

  4. Our booking request form asks you for the details we need but you can always use the 'Additional Information' part of the form to share anything else you feel is important.

  5. If this is the first time you are sending us a request, please read our FAQs for dog parents here.

  6. Before you send us a booking request, please visit our pricing page to see our prices. We would recommend doing this even if you have booked with us before so you have the most recent information.  

  7. If your request is for 2 dogs please fill in the form twice, once for each of them, so we have the necessary information for both.

  8. We do not always accept bookings for puppies who are less than 1 year old. This is because young puppies might not be comfortable in a new environment without their families and require much more supervision. If your puppy is less than 1 year of age please contact us at and we will respond to your request depending on the specific details. 

Thank you very much for your understanding and we are waiting to connect you to the right dog sitter!

If you are booking with us for the first time OR have not sent us a request in the last 6 months, please use this button to send us a new booking request. 

If you have sent us a booking request in the last 6 months, you can use the below button and ask us to 'duplicate last request' - this means we will use the same information you shared with us in your previous request and we will only update the service type and dates. Please note: You will only be able to select the service type and share new dates with us if you choose this option. If you need to update any other information about you or your dog you need to send us a new request using the above button.