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Book A Dog Sitter With DogStays


Save Time & Effort Searching for a Dog Sitter


Easy Access to Many Verified & Experienced  Dog Sitters

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Care at Home Instead of a Dog Hotel or Dog Boarding

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One-on-One Attention and Personalized Care For Your Dog

Hello! We are delighted to have you here and we will be happy to help you find the right dog sitter and home environment for your dog while you are away. You can start this process by sending us a booking request so we can check for suitable availability on your dates. If we have a suitable dog sitter available you and your dog will first meet the dog sitter and then only if you are comfortable we will help you confirm the booking.

During the process of confirming the booking we will request you to fill out The DogStays Information Form for your dog - in this form you will be able to explain to the dog sitter exactly how to care for your dog, what to be careful about and even which training words your dog understands :-), so your dog’s care can be personalized accordingly.

If you have never used our service before we reading some important points by clicking here.

1) If this is your first booking request in 2023 please use this option:

2) IF you have sent us a booking request for your dog in 2023 please use this option and we will duplicate your last request and will use the same information you shared with us in your previous request. We will only update the service type and dates.If you need to update any information about you or your dog you we request you to send us a new request using the first button.

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