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If you are already part of our dog sitter network you can login here or keep reading to learn more about how you can join us.

Become a Dog Sitter with DogStays

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Thank you for your interest in joining The DogStays Sitter Network.

If you have experience caring for dogs you can join our network of dog sitters and care for dogs in your own home or in a dog parent's home or both. We manage your calendar and bookings and you focus on spending time with dogs and getting paid to do it. 

Why DogStays?

The DogStays Shield

So you can truly enjoy your time with the dogs you care for,  as a dog sitter with DogStays you are protected by insurance in case of an unpleasant situation. You can read more about this protection here.


You decide the services you wish to offer and the kinds of dogs you want to care for. 


You just update your calendar for us and we manage everything else!


Earn while dog sitting from the comfort of your own home or the dog parent's home.

100% Flexible

You only accept bookings when you are comfortable with the dog and have time.

Currently you can offer the following services through DogStays:

Overnight Boarding In Your Home: This is a 24 hour service and the dog lives with you and your family during the booking. 

Overnight Care in the Dog Parent's Home: This is also a 24 hour service but your stay at the dog parent's home during the booking.

Daycare in Your Home: This service is 4 hours (half day) or 8 hours (full day) and you would care for the dog in your own home. 

Daycare in the Dog Parent's Home: This service is 4 hours (half day) or 8 hours (full day) and you would care for the dog in the dog parent's home.

Our Application Process

To ensure we do our best for the dog parents and the dogs who book through us, every dog sitter in our network goes through an application process before joining the network. During this process we will ask you for some information including basic details (like your name, email etc. ), information about your experience with dogs and other animals, your booking preferences and you will also need to upload some identification documents that each dog sitter in our community shares with us as a security measure.

You can start by clicking the button below and telling us about yourself and why you want to join us! We are really looking forward to receiving your application and getting in touch with you :-)

Please note: You must be at least 17 years old to join our community. We will not be able to accept your application if you are less than 17 years old or if you do not share enough information with us regarding your previous experience with dogs. Please take the application process seriously. It is important for us to get to know you better and we would appreciate it if you share as much detail with us as possible. Thank you!  

p.s.: After you submit the form we request you to regularly check your spam folder since emails from a new email address  can often go to your spam.

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Signing up to be a sitter with DogStays has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this summer. All the dogs have been so different and so fun! It’s been completely stress free and smooth and I cannot recommend it more. 

Sheela, Luxembourg City

Black Dog

I have been an active part of the DogStays dog sitting network for a while now and my experience has been consistently great. The matching process is smooth and I get to interact with so many amazing dogs!

Siyana, Luxembourg City


I'm a dog sitter with  DogStays and they make it very easy to offer a good service to dog parents. You get all the important information for each booking. In addition I get to meet the dog parents and build a relationship with the dog that I will be caring for. 

Ines, Bettembourg

Puppy in Red Cushion

DogStays with Supriya at the top is a well reflected, well organized - an always adaptable service for our dogs.
I myself am happy to offer my experience, to take care of every dog so that the family is sure that their best friend is feeling alright until they are back.

Michel, Schrondweiler

Pitbull Portrait

Becoming a dog sitter was a way for me and my partner to enjoy having a dog before we have our own. We are both in love with dogs but also don't have a lifestyle now that would support it. DogStays connects us effortlessly with the dogs of our preference and dates that work with us. Its really a win-win! 

Jelena, Luxembourg City

Sitter Login

Already a part of The DogStays Sitter Network? Use the button blow to login and update your calendar.

Please email us at if you face any problems at all.

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