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Frequently asked questions for Dog Sitters

We are very happy that you want to join The DogStays Sitter Network. Our community is growing and we know you might have questions about how this works. To help make things clearer, here are answers to some questions other dog sitters have asked us.

1. What is the DogStays Sitter Network?

At DogStays we are a community of dog sitters. Our community is made up of people that love dogs, have experience caring for them and enjoy spending time with them through dog sitting. The dog sitters in our community come from many different areas, backgrounds and cultures. This community is the DogStays Sitter Network.  

2. How can I become part of the DogStays sitter network?

To become a part of the DogStays Network, you need to go to the Become A Dog Sitter page here. To make sure our service is the safest it can be for the dogs that book with us, every person must go through a detailed application process to join the community and we only welcome individuals that have experience caring for dogs. This experience can of course be as a dog parent or as a dog sitter or both! We are looking for dog sitters that understand both the joy and the responsibility involved in caring for a dog.  If you have experience and an interest in becoming a dog sitter with us please start by contacting us via the above link and we will guide you through the next steps.

3. Is this a job ? 

No, joining the DogStays Sitter Network is not like a traditional job and DogStays does not hire you. However, if you join our network you will need to agree to follow certain processes, guidelines and also take complete responsibility for the dogs you care for through us. At DogStays our role is to connect you with dog parents (our clients) and facilitate the process. Based on the details and choices you share with us, we match you with booking requests we receive from dog parents. Then we arrange everything from your meeting with the dog parent to how you need to care for the dog once the booking gets confirmed.

4. Do I need to sign a contract?

There is no employment contract when you join our community. However, like mentioned above, you will need to agree to follow the rules of our community, take responsibility for the dogs in your care and maintain the privacy of the dog parents who are our clients.

5. How much will I get paid?

You can look at our pricing page here for information on how much we charge for each kind of booking. The total amount of course depends on the exact details for each booking. DogStays keeps 20% of the total for each booking and you receive the remaining 80% after the booking is complete. Whenever we confirm a booking for you we share a detailed document with you which will have information about how much you will earn. If you have any specific questions you can email us at and we would be happy to explain further.

6. How can I decide if a dog I don’t know is OK for me to look after?

As part of our booking process, you meet the dog parent and the dog before choosing to accept a booking. This meeting is an opportunity to ask the dog parent questions, check if you feel the dog is a good match for you and see if you and your doggy friend have ‘chemistry’. Only after you meet the dog and dog parent do you accept a booking. If for any reason you are uncomfortable after the meeting you can lets us know and refuse to accept the booking.

7. Does the dog stay at my place or can I also look after dogs at the dog parent’s home?

During the process of joining our community we will give you a chance to select the services you wish to offer through DogStays. We currently have 4 services you can choose from and you can choose to offer some or all of them:

  • Overnight Boarding in Your Home – this is overnight care for the dog in your own home

  • Overnight Boarding in the dog parent’s home – this is overnight care for the dog in the dog parent’s home and you would stay there during the booking

  • Day care in your home – you would care for the dog in your own home for the day

  • Day care in the dog parent’s home – you would care for the dog in the dog parent’s home for the day

8. How will I receive my payment?

At the time of confirming the booking, we ask dog parents to pay 20% of the cost of the booking upfront and the rest is paid directly to you at the end of the booking or even in the middle depending on the type of service. For a day care booking for example, you and the dog parent can decide together what is convenient for you both and the dog parent could pay you daily or weekly. When we confirm the booking, we will send you a Booking Confirmation document which will contain information about the amount due to you for that particular booking. Please always make sure to check this amount when we send it to you.

9. How do I share my availability with DogStays?

When you join our community, we will create a DogStays calendar for you. Through this calendar you can share availability with us at DogStays. You can block the dates you are NOT available on your calendar and we will not check with you for bookings on these dates. Please note that if you do not mark a date as ‘unavailable’ we will assume you are available to care for dogs on that date.

10. What if I don’t have time to look after dogs every week?

You can look after dogs whenever most suitable for you and you have complete flexibility when you accept bookings through DogStays.

11. What if I can’t look after dogs because I am traveling myself?

You can simply mark those dates as ‘Unavailable’ on your DogStays calendar (we will create this for you when you join our network). For example if you will be away or too busy for two weeks in November, you only need to mark those dates as ‘Unavailable’ in your DogStays calendar and we will automatically not check with you for bookings on those dates.


12. What is the booking process at DogStays?

When we receive a booking request from a dog parent which matches your profile and availability we will first check if you are interested in the booking. If Yes, we will arrange a meeting for you with the dog parent and the dog (If it is a dog you have cared for in the past you do not need to meet the dog and dog parent again).


After meeting the dog and dog parent you need to update us and let us know if you are comfortable moving forward. If yes, we will proceed with the booking. As part of this process, we will ask the dog parent to fill out a very detailed DogStays Information Form regarding the care of their dog and this will be shared with you. The dog parent also pays a part of the entire cost of their booking to confirm the booking and block your calendar. This is to discourage dog parents from blocking your calendar and then cancelling at the last minute unless absolutely necessary.


Once the dog parent accepts the booking, we block your calendar for these dates. We will also send you a Booking Confirmation with the details of the booking and the Information form the dog parent completed. This document will explain how you need to care for the dog. Please note that we take this form very seriously and insist that each dog sitter in the network follows this information as closely as possible.


 13. What supplies do I need for a booking?

None. To make sure each dog is looked after exactly as he/she is accustomed to, we request each dog parent to bring their dog’s supplies with them when they book through us. However, as a dog sitter in our community we recommend you keep these supplies at home:


  • a spare leash (good enough for both small and big dogs)

  • 2 dog bowls (one for food and one for water)

  • a spare towel (in case a dog parent forgets to bring one)

  • poop disposal bags


We provide dog parents with an overall checklist which can help them pack for their dogs when they drop them to your home. This includes things like food, leash, collar, bed, any medicines that might be needed etc. In the case that you are caring for a dog in the dog parent’s home, it is important that you ask where everything is located. Also, dog parents often pack when they are in a hurry and might forget something so it is always good to have some spare supplies in your home.


14. What if the dog who stays over destroys something in my home?

When dog parents book with us we always check with them regarding how their dog behaves at home and if there is anything that needs to be put away/hidden to protect the dog as well the contents of your home. However, in the rare case that the dog staying with you destroys something, the dog parent would be responsible for replacing/paying for the damage and each dog parent accepts this condition when they confirm a booking with us.


15. What if I need to cancel a booking I have accepted?

Since dog parents will make their plans based on your accepting a booking we strongly discourage cancelling the booking after your have accepted it. This is because of the huge inconvenience and stress this will cause dog parents, dogs and the team here at DogStays as well. In the case of an emergency and an unavoidable situation where you need to cancel we will of course do our best to help as best as we can.

16. What should I do if I have a dog staying over and there is an emergency?

As part of confirming each booking, we share certain information with you including emergency numbers. However, we recommend you create a ready list of your own based on the options available/most suitable for you and where you are in the city. For example, we recommend that all dog sitters in our network check for the closest veterinary service, check which vet is on call for emergency on the dates of a booking and also have a plan in mind for transporting a dog to the emergency vet if needed. In the case of an emergency please call the emergency vet and the dog parent and once the situation is more in control, we recommend you inform us at DogStays via email or phone immediately so we can do our best to assist wherever possible.

In case you still have questions please email us at and we would be happy to help!

Otherwise, you can click here and apply to join our network!

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