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At DogStays we allow only experienced dog sitters to join our network and they care for your dog like you would at home. Our pricing is structured keeping this in mind but we have tried to keep it simple. The price for each service is the same for each dog sitter in our community and whichever dog sitter we match you with, you will pay the same amount. We want you to evaluate a dog sitter basis how suitable you think he/she is for your dog and not on the price.



  1. We don't price according to the size of your dog - we believe all dogs require equal love, care and attention, whatever size they might be.

  2. We don’t price according to number of walks - when you confirm your booking, as part of our process, we will ask you to fill a detailed form where you can explain to the dog sitter how he/she should care for your dog. This includes details like how many meals, how much food, how many walks etc.

Our prices for each service are listed below. 

We also accept half day bookings (for daycare) which is care for upto 4 hours. The price for half days is half the rate above. In case you are making a booking for more than 2 dogs, please let us know and we will plan the details of the booking directly with you.

Please note:

  1. Our minimum booking duration for the overnight service is 1 day and we do not charge by the hour therefore hourly rates cannot be applied.

  2. This price includes caring for your dog as per your instructions (we will ask you for these during the booking process) but does not include supplies (like the food, leash etc.) and you will need to provide these to the dog sitter– don’t worry, we will share a suggested checklist with you.

  3. The drop off time and the pick up time are also taken into consideration when we calculate the number of days/nights in an overnight  booking. We count each complete 24 hour period as a day of your booking and start counting on the date and time when the dog sitter starts caring for your dog. The remaining days are calculated based on the date and time your booking ends. You can see a more detailed explanation with examples here.

  4. We usually offer a 10% discount on the total cost of an overnight booking which is more than 10 days long. In case a particular dog sitter does not feel comfortable offering this discount for a specific booking, we will let you know in advance. Please note: We offer a maximum discount of 100 euros per booking.

  5. Meeting with a dog sitter - Please note that we do not charge you for the meeting with the dog sitter. This meeting is typically 30-45 minutes long and is a chance for you and your dog to meet the dog sitter. It is also an opportunity for you to see the ‘chemistry’ between the dog sitter and your dog.

  6. We will count it as a half day of daycare if just a visit, a few hours of interaction or a walk are needed for your dog. Please also note that this will need to be discussed on a per- case basis with the dog sitter. ​

  7. 'Trial' with a dog sitter - Please note that we don't offer trials as a separate service but we totally understand that you might require a trial for your dog. If you wish to book a trial day/night with the dog sitter after your meeting, it will be processed and chargeable as a separate booking and the rates mentioned above will apply. Please note:

  • Since we are unable to block a dog sitter's dates unless you confirm the booking we recommend you confirm your longer booking with the dog sitter even if a trial is pending, so we can block these dates in the dog sitter's calendar. Then we will make a separate booking of one day/night with the same dog sitter which can work as the trial for you and your dog.

  • As part of the confirmation process you will need to pay a booking amount and we can only keep the sitter's calendar blocked on payment of this amount. 

  • Please note that both bookings will be treated as separate and the cancellation terms mentioned in our FAQs here will apply to both. 

We may update the above so please check whenever you make a booking with us. We always try our best to accommodate any requests you have (as long as they are reasonable!) so please don't hesitate to check with us. If you have any questions please email us at or


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