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Breezer and Maya
Outdoor with golden retriever
Lady outdoor with dog
Me and Gismo on a walk
Me and Mishka take a drive

DogStays was started by our founder Supriya in 2019 to address the challenge faced by dog parents in Luxembourg who struggle to find safe and reliable care for their dogs when they are away. As a devoted dog mom herself, Supriya draws on her upbringing around various animals in India, ranging from horses, cats, rabbits to even squirrels. Since her arrival in Luxembourg in 2016, she has also been an active dog sitter here, caring for many different dogs. She believes dogs need love, understanding, undivided attention and a safe home. This is why she started DogStays and everything we do is guided by her love for dogs, and a deep understanding of what it means to think of your dog as family.  

DogStays is not a dog boarding, pension, kennel or dog hotel and our aim is to help dogs find the home-like environment best suited to them, where they can get customized, one-on-one care when their dog parents are away. This is made possible through our incredible and growing community of dog sitters—individuals and families who share a genuine love for dogs and offer their services through our platform. We match dogs to these dog sitters so that both sides find joy in the time they spend together and dog parents can relax and focus on work, their children, errands, hobbies and anything else that is important to them.


We genuinely care about the health, safety and most importantly happiness of your dog and our processes are designed keeping this in mind. We really hope you will see this for yourself when you connect with us for your dog’s needs.

We look forward to helping you and your fur baby!

The DogStays Team

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