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The DogStays Shield

'The DogStays Shield' is a protection against third party claims during or related to a DogStays booking and it protects dog sitters registered with DogStays in these situations. 

While this protection is mainly for dog sitters in our network, in some situations this protection may also extend to other individuals living in the dog sitter's home, if they are not insured or not sufficiently insured independently.

WHAT is covered?

  1. This is valid only for bookings confirmed and accepted through DogStays, only covers dog(s) included in the booking and is only valid for the duration of a confirmed booking. 

  2. It will also cover legal defense costs, so dog sitters will have the opportunity to defend a claim against them, and if they are found liable, our insurance provider will compensate the party making the claim for the damages they have suffered.

Specifically, this protection covers a situation in which the dog sitter or your dog cause: 

  • Third party property damage

  • Third party bodily injury

  • Third party financial loss that is the direct consequence of a covered property damage or bodily injury caused by the dog sitter or dog being cared for

To help you understand, here are some example of situations which would be covered by the DogStays Shield: 

  • A dog being looked after escapes and bites a child

  • A dog being looked after bites another dog while out on a walk with the dog sitter 

  • A dog being cared for is bitten by another dog

  • The dog being cared for gets away from the dog sitter and causes a car accident

  • The dog sitter accidentally step on the dog being cared for and the dog is injured

It is also important to understand what types of situations are NOT* covered by the DogStays Shield:

  1.  Damage to a dog sitter, a dog sitter's own property or injury to the dog sitter's own dog is not covered under this insurance. 

  2. Any ‘intentional’ acts committed by a dog sitter will not be covered by the insurance.


*Please note that these are just some examples of situations which are not covered and it is not an exhaustive list of exclusions. A complete list of exclusions and conditions can be viewed hereDeductibles: for details on each type of coverage and the deductible which would be applicable you can refer to the deductibles table here.

Answers to some common questions:

Question: What should a dog sitter do in a situation where someone claims damages?

In case of any legal claim/action you related to a DogStays booking, please inform us at DogStays immediately and we will get the appropriate team involved. 

Question: Do I need to pay for this insurance?

As a way to provide maximum peace of mind to dog parents and support dog sitters who join our community we offer this insurance free of cost.

Question: When does the insurance cover start?

 This protection is valid during the entire duration of a DogStays booking (from start date+time to end date+time or for the specific dates included in a daycare booking). 

Question: Why is the dog sitter's home and own dog not covered by this insurance?

In Luxembourg, third party liability insurance cannot protect the insured party's own property. 

In case you have specific questions, please email us at or and we will do our best to answer them.

Please note: DogStays reserves the right to modify any terms of this insurance or withdraw it at its discretion.

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